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Medium Duty 4x4 Welding Column Boom With Seam Tracker

Medium Duty 4x4 Welding Column Boom With Seam Tracker

  • High Light

    4x4 Welding Column Boom


    Medium Duty Welding Column Boom


    welding manipulators With Seam Tracker

  • Ekwipunek
    Wysięgnik kolumnowy 4x4 do średnich obciążeń
  • Struktura
    Kolumna obrotowa i mobilna na szynie
  • Rodzaj
    Średnie obciążenie bez fotela spawalniczego na końcu wysięgnika
  • Zakres podnoszenia wysięgnika
    4000 mm
  • Zakres rozciągliwości wysięgnika
    4000 mm
  • Prędkość rozciągania belki
    Regulacja zmiennej częstotliwości
  • Metoda spawania
    SAW / MIG / TIG / Plasma opcjonalnie
  • Operacja
    Sterownik wiszący
  • Place of Origin
  • Nazwa handlowa
  • Orzecznictwo
  • Numer modelu
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Cena
    Please confirm with us
  • Packaging Details
    main frame naked, control box full covered with water-proof package
  • Delivery Time
  • Payment Terms
    30% down payment by TT, 70% balance before shipment
  • Supply Ability
    20 set/month

Medium Duty 4x4 Welding Column Boom With Seam Tracker

Tank Vat Automatic Welding Medium Duty 4x4 Welding Column Boom With Seam Tracker




Brief introduction:

Welding column boom with 4mx4m reachability;

Working with SAW/MIG/TIG welding system for tank/vat/vessel automatic welding production;




Detail description of 4x4 welding column boom:

  • Welding column boom is used to locate a weld head to a desired position for welding in a stable and secure manner.
  • Once in position, the part is moved during welding to produce high quality welds.
  • Welding is performed using SAW/MIG/TIG/plasma optional as per desired.
  • Welding column boom is a versatile and rugged solution to obtain high lift range and reach to duplicate the function of a highly skilled welder.
  • Manual or powered mobile cart can be included for varying length weldments and procedures.



Main technical parameter
Model LHZ4040

Travel &


Boom horizontal stroke :



Boom vertical stroke :



Boom horizontal speed :



Boom vertical speed :


Column rotating angle ±180°
Column rotating locking method By manual
Boom end max. loading 150kg

Trolley traveling speed-Optional:





Benefits over welding the part manually, including:

  • Able to achieve consistent weld results.
  • Able to maintain weld head over weld joint in a stable position during the weld.
  • Increases arc-on time and overall productivity.
  • Provides ability to have multi-weld stations using only one weld head, increasing your return on investment.
  • Reduced operator fatigue.
  • Reduced consumable costs.
  • Ability to have two welding process at one welding station by using both ends of the boom.
  • These benefits greatly reduce the time to prepare a part for welding and the time to finish a part after welding.
  • Also, rework time will be reduced and part scrap will be cut.



Welding column boom feature:

  • The Welding column boom is initially designed to save labor costs especially at lager workpieces and when a welding manipulator is been used in combinati on with a positioner or rotator.
  • Designed and robustly build to withstand rugged work environments.
  • Smooth +/-180 degree lockable rotation.
  • All vertical and horizontal guidings are precisely machined for smooth movement.
  • Solid state inverter for variable speed of horizontal travel and travel carriage.
  • Worm gearbox for vertical travel via AC motor, complete with brake for added safety.
  • High tensile roller chain used for vertical travel with the addition of a counter balance system with the column that provides smooth, effortless travel.
  • CE complaince pendant control station using low voltage on the generous 8m cable.
  • Anti-fall device and limit switches for all motions.




This Welding column boom can be used together with welding rotator, welding positioner

and achieves the tank longitudinal and circle seam welding.

According to the requirement, which can be adopted welding seam tracing and monitoring, welding

flux recovery and feeding device.

It has the structures of fixed type, fixed with rotation and movable with rotation type.



Medium Duty 4x4 Welding Column Boom With Seam Tracker 0


Medium Duty 4x4 Welding Column Boom With Seam Tracker 1

Medium Duty 4x4 Welding Column Boom With Seam Tracker 2

Medium Duty 4x4 Welding Column Boom With Seam Tracker 3

Medium Duty 4x4 Welding Column Boom With Seam Tracker 4


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